ATM Training Professional

About Us

ATM Training Professional is a leading Australian education and training group for students offerings with career-oriented and job related skill training which caters for the employment needs in the business and corporate world. Despite the hurdles presented by the current economic uncertainty, success and growth is possible if you operate smarter and more creatively while becoming more efficient.

We specialise in Nationally Accredited training and is a career management company. We recognise a strong link between social intelligence and success in all aspects of personal, business and social life. Basic social skills and knowing what to say and do in any situation, is only one aspect of social intelligence.

Improving personal communication skills creates confidence and self assurance which encourages better business and social relationships. Social intelligence also includes the understanding and developing of concepts that include attunement, synchrony, social cognition, empathy and concern for others.

Awareness of these concepts enables us to look at our behaviour objectively and modify and change it to ensure greater success when interacting with others.

ATM Training Professional will assist you to reach your optimum. You will develop and evolve into a master of your social world. In every situation, anywhere in the world, you will learn how to fit in, but certainly stand out.

Our Team

With Applied Education since 2001, Brett spent the early years of his professional career in public practice, mostly with Mann Judd.  He later held commercial positions in a number of reputable organisations, including AGL. Brett has also lectured in commercial law, accounting, finance and accounting data applications. His success in training and professional qualifications made him the ideal person to set up Applied Education’s Payroll Administration and Salary Packaging training courses. He has followed on from this to develop and deliver the Certificate IV in Bookkeeping to assist bookkeepers with the licensing requirements of the Tax Practitioner’s Board.